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December 18, 2012
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Mylene Farmer by Emi-Gemini Mylene Farmer by Emi-Gemini
Mylène Farmer in her last interview for the release of her album "Monkey me" on TF1.

Gift for a fan friend, who helped me to acquire a light table to work better my drawings.

Colored pencils.

original : [link]

My work is not always smooth, especially on the hair, and also the lack of highlights... I still do not know shade the skin, either in the choice of color and technique. So if you have any advice, I'm all ears !
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animangaboy Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2013
I can tell its not the same as the reference photo. But maybe you can try to do is ligher pressure to dark colors presssure?? And lay off of graphite pencils before you mixed it up. Good luck! :3
Emi-Gemini Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
There is no graphite in this drawing.
And it's normal that it's not the same as the picture : it's not the photo, it's a drawing. And the photo is just a reference.
animangaboy Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2013
Okay, since it looked like you had grey pencil used. So no need to get all pissy, bye. D:
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katr14 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013  Student General Artist






:bulletblack: What emotions does the art invoke?
"This portrait invoke for me a really happy humanbeing. A feeling of a person that really is happy for the life she is given. A really nice emotion actually :) "

:bulletblack: How do you find the composition of the above piece?
"I personally think the composition tip a little bit to the left. And for me that is because of the the way you have cropped the piece of art. If I was you I would take some of the right side of. But that is only one way to do it. You could also work on a background to this portrait where the darkest colors / heaviest weith should be in the right side. That would give your art a more equal weight, and make the composition perfect."

:bulletblack: Would you consider the above piece of work as unique?
"Yes I would call it unique. But I won´t call it a show stopper. I Am not saying it is bad at all. You have captured an emotion in your art, something not everyone can do. So it definately is unique"

:bulletblack: Do you think the above piece justifies the subject well?
"I have taken a look on your reference photography, and since I know / can see you are drawing naturrealistic, I have to say you need to practise more. I can see you hesitate with making dark shadows, and lines in the face. You are actually very carefull there. Don´t be. Because we do have lines and a lot of shadows. And shadows in our face is not only one single color. It is a lot of them, If you take a carefull look you will find pink, red, grey, purple etc. You can be surprised hor many colors we have in our face, skin and hair if you really investigate it. So overall I think you technically can do better. So keep drawing, and maybe spend more time on it :) "

:bulletblack: Do you think the artist has used the right medium in the above piece?
"I do. But you just need to spend more time drawing on one single drawing :) "

:bulletblack: If there is anything that you would change about the above piece what would it be?
"I would crop a bit of the right side of, and make the eyes a little micro inch smaller"

Artist Comments: "I have an advice for you. I think you should start to practise drawing faces on time. Find 10-20 faces you can draw after and start with 30 seconds, then change face, and give your self 30 seconds again. When have done that for 10 minutes start slowly to give yourselv more time. Go from 1 minute, to 3 minutes, to 5 minutes, to 10 minutes and maximum 20 minutes. This will help you to be better at the anotomi of the face, and help you to see all the shadows, and lines I think you need to focuse on. I hope you fin this useful "

Rate the critique by commenting below as Fair or Unfair.

This critique is from :iconrainbow-4all-club:

Emi-Gemini Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I still do not understand all the arguments, but I will respond to a particular point : "you just need to spend more time drawing on one single drawing"
How do you know how long I spent, and implied that I sent this drawing quickly ? I spent hours, over several days. It is also the difference between a person who wants to learn, and that which already applies years of work.

For the shadows, I know that I lack practice. For the moment, no one taught me how to apply taking into account the related colors, and smooth paper effect caused by wax of crayons.In addition, I see that the skin and the rest reflect many colors, but I do not know what colors to identify and select...
katr14 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013  Student General Artist
Take a step down please. I am not writing this critique to bother you or making you angry, which it seemes like I did.

I myself is traditional artist. Selftaught. And when I say more time I can say it because I use sometimes 40 to 50 hours on one single drawing. Simply because that is how long it took to make. When I saw your piece of art I knew you had spend several hours on it, but still not enough to acchive a really great naturrealistic piece of art. I never said you rushed through it. But you need to be more patient than you already are.

Maybe you should go make color samples? I have done that before. Make yourself a huge cart with a lot of mixes of colors. For an example you can take the yellow and slowly drop a color of purple into it. Every time you have droped the color and mixed, you make a little square on a piece of paper. Thats your first color sample. Then move on to the next and then ad a drop more. Then a new squeare. Keep doing that until you acchieve the color blue again. I know it is dull, and boring but in that way you will get more knowledge of mixing colors. I know I am not talking about crayons, but the mix of the colors is the same deal. In that way you will be able to recognize all the shades in the face, and which colors to use to acchieve the color you need :)

I am going to quote you: "It is also the difference between a person who wants to learn, and that which already applies years of work." I have to say you are very deffensive, and the thing about this qoute is it takes tima to learn. And one more thing tips and advice to be better. And you should grab all the advices you get, If not then you requesting for constructive critism and critiques are worthless
Emi-Gemini Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
And with regard to facial lines .. People AT NATURAL have lines on the face. If you look at the screenshot that I am inspired features are smoothed by both the makeup and the lights of the TV studio. The lines are overwritten.
This does not detract from the fact that I lack experience and fluency in art techniques, which is quite normal when you started drawing a year ago and without teacher lessons ...
katr14 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013  Student General Artist
I just simply think you are very deffensive. You keep hitting me back with you have no teacher lessons or have getting any help at all. I get it. I have not forgotten. But what you forget to notice is I actually try to give you some tools you can try out to become better. Tools that teachers would make you do if you went to art classes. I am not saying I am better than everyone else, or that it will work for you. But being so deffensive and just attacking doesn´t help you to become better. Because with that attitude you throw at me you already tells me you are a professional artist that doesn´t want any feedback but only praise. Because you are that great. You are still a medium artist with a huge potentiale, so much that I belive you can go be so great that people go WOW when they see a piece of your future art of yours. But if you can´t listen you wont progress. You wont be able to get help from people like myself who tries to offer a hand out to you. But in the end it is your choice. But if you will keep acting like this don´t ask for feedbacks, because you have just proved you can´t take it
Emi-Gemini Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm not aggressive or defensive, I explain the context of this drawing, it's not the same thing.
I've listen your advices that I think good and precious, don't worry !
I know I need patience and practice, but it's not easy for me, because I did not trust myself. Here I make a portrait of a child, but I do not have to continue to coloring, fear of doing wrong.
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